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Help your child get a smart start at nursery and school.

Younger children learn through play and learn best when they are interested and motivated. The questions in each age specific fan encourage children to explore the world and develop their natural curiosity and confidence.

All the questions in the fans have been reviewed by teachers and support and reinforce Early Years and National Curriculum goals related to literacy, numeracy and language development.

Above all else though Brain Factor is FANtastic fun – it’s a way for you and your child to enjoy playing, learning and discovering together.

Learning is an adventure. Help your child get started.

Praise from parents and children

Parents often want to know what they can do to support their child and reinforce what is being covered at nursery and school. Communicate with them, play with then. These cards help you do just that, but most importantly they are fun, so parents and children can have a great time together.

Zoe Anderton - Teacher, Windsor

So convenient to have in the car or to pop in a bag when waiting around. My children really enjoy these cards and like the fact there are many ways to play with them.

Mrs Khan - Mother of 3, Manchester

No matter how long your journey is, children will be absorbed and happy if they have their fans with them. And parents won't have to keep plugging in or re-charging. What bliss!

Joan O’Pray - Grandmother. MBE for services to education, former head, Sheringdale primary, Wandsworth, London

Our kids actually want to play with these cards, they will turn off their screens to play with them …… what more can I say.

The Jones family - Cardiff

My fan is fun. I like answering the hard questions and getting a smart star.

Bea - Age 3

Using the fans

Brain Factor is a fun way to fill time and for families to learn together. Use a fan wherever and whenever for any amount of time.